Childhood cancer treatment involves countless medical procedures and experiences. CCC’s Beads4Bravery® program allows families to collect a bead for every step and milestone to tell the story of their unique journeys. Beads can be collected at any point of the child’s journey (on treatment, off treatment or in some cases, posthumously) through health staff or by requesting them from Children’s Cancer Connection.

Thanks again to the My Journey Series Lead Supporter the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation.

teen with beads4bravery

Beads4Bravery Legend and Tracking Tool

The Beads4Bravery® Legend and Tracking Tool help the patient track other milestones along their journey. The personalized strand of beads will be a keepsake and tangible symbol of the milestones, emotions and accomplishments along the way. The Beads4Bravery program is designed to remember each step in the entire childhood cancer journey.

The Children’s Cancer Connection Beads4Bravery® inventory is always ebbing and flowing as the requests for beads are ongoing. Interested in helping CCC maintain Beads4Bravery inventory? Please check out the Wish List below!

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